Not So Great News from the Health Department, Asian Edition

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We took a look at restaurants that serve Asian food this week and we found:

Fu’s Garden Restaurant #2 (5866 San Felipe) had just one violation; the vent covers in the walls and ceilings were not maintained in good repair.

Golden Island Restaurant (12810 Gulf Freeway) on the other hand had so many violations it was temporarily closed...

During the October 9 inspection, raw shell eggs were not refrigerated properly, employees were found handling ready-to-eat foods without wearing gloves or using the proper utensils, food was not protected from contamination by dust / dirt / rodents / drainage, raw food was removed from original containers and then stored in unclean or uncovered containers. Also, potentially hazardous foods were not being thawed as part of the conventional cooking process and the person in charge of the kitchen wasn’t in compliance with the provision of Article II (concerning food storage / preparation / display). Multiuse equipment was not maintained in good repair, moist cloths were used for food spills and they were not sanitized between uses (repeat violation), employee did not wash hands (repeat violation), food contact surfaces of equipment / utensils were not washed using hot water and / or chlorine. At the buffet, potentially hazardous food was not kept at the correct temperature. At the sushi station, moist cloths were being improperly used to clean nonfood-contact surfaces.

Shahnai Restaurant (5920 Hillcroft) was inspected on Oct. 14, and it had an issue with its floors (they weren’t kept clean enough in the areas outside of the dining room), the multiuse equipment wasn’t maintained in good repair, and the ice dispensing utensils were not stored properly.

Pei Wei (702 Kingwood) was also inspected Oct. 14 and three violations were found, including the food containers not being properly labeled, garbage containers not durable, not rodent-proof or leaking and insufficient ventilation to keep the room free of obnoxious odors, fumes and excessive heat.

Oct. 14 was a busy day, health inspectors visited the sushi bar at Tokyo One (7465 W. Greens Road) and found equipment that was not maintained properly, wall / ceiling not in good repair, not enough light over the working surface, and no hand-washing sink in the food preparation area.

The Sharpstown Chinese Buffet (6601 Fondren) got its hand slapped on October 14 for multiuse equipment that was not maintained in good repair, no soap and no sanitary towels at the hand-washing sink, wall / ceiling not kept clean, toilet not kept clean and in good repair, and an improperly placed thermometer measuring the temp near hazardous foods.

The Royal Japan Steakhouse & Sushi Bar (2946 S. Shepherd) was inspected on October 13 and the sushi bar was found to the floors and nonfood-contact surface areas of equipment not kept clean enough. The kitchen was cited for using cloth as a food-contact surface, not having bright enough light over the working surface, ice making machine not maintained to prevent contamination of the ice, and, again, floors that weren’t kept clean enough.

Thai Spice Express (8282 Bellaire Blvd.) was visited on October 13 and inspectors found that food was not stored at least six inches above the floor (this was a repeat violation), and while there were no sanitary towels near the hand-washing sink, there were prohibited common towels available. Ice for consumer use was being dispensed by an employee who was not using the proper utensil, and potentially hazardous foods were being thawed in water.

Come back next week when we check out Houston’s Mexican food establishments. — Olivia Flores Alvarez

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