Not So Great News from the Health Department, Worst Offenders Edition

This week’s restaurant report is a look at the area’s biggest offenders.

Starting off the list is Plallitas y Mexican Restaurant (3406 Mangum) with 14 violations. (Woohoo, that might be a record!) • Plumbing not sized/installed/maintained properly • Heating/air conditioning/ventilation not properly designed • Lack of effective measures to minimize rodents/flies/cockroaches/other insects • Wall/ceiling not maintained in good repair • Ceilings not easily cleanable • Plumbing not installed/maintained properly • Insufficient ventilation to keep room free of excessive heat/odors/smoke • Failure to provide water at 110 degrees • Multi-use equipment not maintained in good repair • Insufficient light over work surfaces • Ceilings not non-absorbent • Equipment/utensils not in use not stored in clean/sanitary conditions

If you noticed that that was only 12 offenses when we mentioned 14 violations, you’re right. Plumbing not installed/maintained properly and walls/ceilings not maintained in good repair were each mentioned twice.

Next on our list is La Michoacana #12 (4717 Telephone) with six violations. • Food was not stored a minimum of six inches off the ground (repeat violation) • Milk/shipping containers were used as storage racks • Openings to the outside were not protected against insects (repeat violation) • Lack of effect measures to minimize rodents/flies/roaches (repeat violation) • No shielding over artificial lights in food preparation area • No sanitary towels located near the hand washing sinks

Come back next week, when we look at what else is going on in local restaurant kitchens. — Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.