Not Your Typical Date Night: Max's Wine Dive's Urban Picnic

Getting tired of the same old dinner and a movie? So is your date. This date night, you can switch it up and woo your lover the traditional way - with a romantic picnic. Max's Wine Dive is offering its own take on the traditional red-checkered meal in the grass, serving it up in an air-conditioned restaurant instead. In this heat, who wants to eat outside? With a red-and-white tablecloth, single lit candle and a packed-to-the-brim picnic basket, Max's Wine Dive will transform your table for two (or four, if you're into that) into an oasis of romance.

Two menu options are available for the night, both with a bit of a hefty price tag, but also with a whole lotta food and drink. There's a regular, $175 per couple, and a VIP, $225 per couple with an upgrade on the wine and champagne (prepaid - tip and tax included). Upon making a reservation, guests will be given the menu options so that when they arrive, they can sit back and do their best to impress their date. The server will bring over a custom picnic basket filled with two wine glasses, the wine and champagne of choice, a bottle of water, and a plethora of delightful picnic foods.

Each meal begins the way I believe every meal should - with a glass of bubbly. The restaurant offers either two glasses of sparkling white wine, Cava or Prosecco, or the VIP selection, a half bottle of the medium bodied, fruit-filled Heidsieck "Blue Top" champagne. Next, diners can pop open a bottle of red or white, ranging from a citrus and apple filled Chardonnay to a tannin-rich, cherry-accented Cabernet (options subject to change) to really get the juices flowing.

With a nice buzz going, it's time to move onto the food. For starters, the menu offers a choice of Caesar or house salad for two, a locally baked Slow Dough baguette and the Chef's selection of cheeses.

Next is Max's pièce de résistance; two pieces of their succulent jalapeno buttermilk soaked and deep-fried fried chicken served picnic-style: cold (if you ask me, any fried chicken is good chicken - so cold sounds just as good). Picnickers be warned: take your time eating, because there are still two sides and two sandwiches to come.

For the sides, the menu lists a choice of their popular hand-cut truffle chips or haricots verts salad, or a special-to-the-picnic-menu fennel slaw or Texas Hill Country potato salad. And for the sandwiches, which are also all unique to this menu, the selection is between the champagne-poached chicken salad (Max's says this is a guest favorite), A+ ahi tuna salad, or Gulf Coast seafood salad. Just as diners are about to burst, three chocolate covered strawberries peak out of the picnic basket and stare deviously into the lovers' eyes. One last bite can't hurt, can it?

It's a lot of food, but with wine, cheese, fried chicken and chocolate, I'd say someone's getting lucky tonight.

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