Nuts and Berries at Burlap Barrel Pub

I was finishing dinner with my friend when she said, "I want a Nuts and Berries." I asked her what that was, and she said it's a cocktail made with Razzmatazz, Bailey's and half & half. Unless you don't have a gag reflex, that probably sounds pretty gross to you. We ended up stopping into Burlap Barrel Pub, a little hidden of gem of a bar out by the Beltway, and saddling up to the bar, where she embarrassingly asked for this uber-girly drink.

While she explained to the muscle-head bartender how to make this concoction, which didn't taste any better than it sounded, I noticed the hilarious hanging sign above the bar. I had to take a picture. Suddenly the evening went from normal to surreal. Between Burlap Barrel's pictures of yesteryear, the sign above the bar, the' 70s-style furniture and panel walls - oh, and not to mention this ridiculous drink -- I had to step back and laugh. We drank our drinks and tried to figure out why this vintage bar was full of young people playing really bad hip-hop music on the satellite juke box.

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