Odd Pair: Banana Nut Bread and Rose

I have a sneaking suspicion that members of my household are no longer eating bananas because they know if enough get overly ripe, I will inevitably bake a banana nut bread. With walnuts. And chocolate chunks. And lush that I am, I will usually wash it down with a nice bottle of wine. I have tried several varieties and was particularly impressed with a 2009 Cotes du Rhone Villages Seguret Rose.

This reasonably priced wine hails from a small village in the southern half of Rhone Valley in France. Call me a purist, but I like my rose to be from France. Roses have been ubiquitous this summer and I have done a lot of pairing with them, nearly all with good to excellent results. This one is so refreshing on its own that it will pair nicely with nearly any food.

Lovingly dubbed "Le rose de Marie Antionette," this wine has a dark, ruby-red color with plenty of fruity notes, plus a hint of spiciness that lends itself well to sweet baked goods. Not only do they look pretty sitting together, the subtle sweetness of the wine does not overwhelm the banana bread and the fruitiness of each are quite complementary. You will be wishing for more of each long after they are gone.

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