Odd Pair: Candy Canes & Pink Catawba

Christmas is nearly here, and I know you all are desperately searching for a wine to pair with your favorite edible Christmas decoration: candy canes! Look no further, dear readers, because after sampling many, many wines while simultaneously licking on peppermint sticks, I have found the perfect combination: candy canes and Pink Catawba.

Stonehill Pink Catawba is a lovely wine that is a steal at only $5 a bottle. It's fruity, light and sweet, making it the perfect wine to indulge in while wrapping gifts or finishing up those Christmas cards that you've been putting off for the past few weeks. The tingly peppermint bite of the candy cane harmoniously mingles with the sweet pink wine, with neither flavor overpowering the other. Plus the red-and-white-striped candy looks striking sitting next to a crystal goblet full of Pink Catawba.

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