Odd Pair: Chocolate Chip Cookies & Shiraz Viognier

Forget cookies and milk. Once you're old enough to fully appreciate the power of a smooth buzz, it's all about the cookies and wine. Chocolate and red wine are generally good together, but this pairing of Brent & Sam's crunchy, chocolatey little cookies and Printhie's 2005 Shiraz Viognier is truly a fine combination.

2005 was a good year for Australian Shiraz grown in this region. The season was long, and the grapes were able to achieve peak ripeness, allowing for a fuller-bodied Shiraz that could easily stand up to steaks and heavier entrees, but also works well as a tart companion to dessert. Bright-red fruit notes of berries dominate and complement the sweetness. Heady floral aromas are present, and as many ladies know, chocolate and flowers are always a winning combination.

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