Odd Pair: ChocoVine and Raspberry PB&J

My first question upon discovering ChocoVine, the chocolate wine, was simple: Why had no one told me about this miracle product sooner? ChocoVine is exactly what you think it is: chocolate and wine. The surprising part is that it actually works. French Cabernet is blended with rich, dark chocolate from Holland to create a tasty beverage that is part dessert, part adult beverage, and all delicious. It's like a grown-up version of chocolate milk.

Keeping with the nostalgic food theme, I decided to indulge in a little PB&J action. I slathered chunky peanut butter and whole fruit raspberry preserves onto thickly sliced white bread and then cut the sandwich into cute little triangles just like Mom used to. Then I poured a small glass of ChocoVine (it's good, but a little goes a long way) and sat down to an updated version of a favorite meal. It was pure bliss.

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