Odd Pair: Guacamole

Apparently, Chardonnay seems to be a popular choice to pair with Tex-Mex dips. So why fight the urge to pair a big, buttery, creamy Chardonnay like Clos Du Bois with some creamy, rich, tangy guacamole?

While the queso and Chardonnay pairing in the past was less than stellar, the tangy lime running through the mashed avocados helped propel this couple to a higher plane of Odd Pair-ness. Rather than having a buttery, creamy, rich combination creating a case of the overindulgence blahs, the lime cut through both the heavy-on-the-fat avocado as well as the satisfyingly well-rounded Chardonnay.

But what tied the whole ensemble together, surprisingly, was the fresh-cracked black pepper dotting the light green mound of mashed avocadoes. The spicy, almost floral kick provided a great contrast to the lime as well as the creamy avocado, potent garlic and buttery Chardonnay.

So, when it comes to Chardonnay and Tex-Mex, stick to the guacamole and just say no to queso.

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