Odd Pair: Long John Silver's Fried Fish Platter & Cava

Some might say it's a travesty to drink wine with greasy take-out. I say it's genius. Especially when you pair your delightfully fatty and crunchy Long John Silver's fried fish pieces with a nice bottle of something cold and bubbly.

NV Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava ($10) has long been my go to choice when I want something cold, dry, and bubbly at a very inexpensive price. The Spanish brand is widely available, highly recommended by many wine enthusiasts, and surprisingly refreshing.

When I want to pretend I'm drinking something good, but my pocketbook is light, I turn to the Freixenet. Just like when I want to pretend I'm eating a real fish dinner, I turn to Long John Silver's. It's a perfect fit for a meal based in fantasy. Light white fish goes well with a soft white wine. Plus, you want a dry, non-oaky wine, with a high acidity level to help cut through all that grease, and Freixenet fits the bill perfectly.

I love that you can either choose to open the regular-size bottle, or, if you're by yourself, go with a mini bottle, which provides the perfect amount of beverage to finish your fast food, while still remaining standing. Pop a straw into your single serving for maximum lowbrow enjoyment.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.