Odd Pair: Nachos and Verget Macon Villages

Last week, we paired Buffalo wings with a spicy red wine in honor of Super Bowl Sunday. And now Odd Pair is featuring another go-to game-day munchy - gooey nachos. We've paired them with a crisp white wine. Super Bowl isn't just for beer drinkers anymore.

We've had plenty of wine and cheese pairings in our lifetime. It's the perfect combo. But, what about when that cheese is melted cheddar drenched in salsa and jalapeños? Our wine gurus didn't even blink an eye. They recommended the Verget Macon Villages 2007. "This wine is not like a California Chardonnay," we were told. "It's fresh with a good minerality. It's perfect for food." No oaky, buttery Chardonnay here.

The French white recommendation was a great complement to the cheesy nachos. It was light and refreshing with a slight fruity sweetness. Even the spicy jalapeños didn't clash with the wine -- the crisp citrus flavor held up very well against their bite. We would even drink this wine without the nachos.

At about $16 a bottle, this white wine is a great addition to your Super Bowl festivities. Just try not to break too many wine glasses while cheering for your favorite team.

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