Pot Luck

Odd Pair: Pop Rocks and Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

Lauren Marmaduke dispelled the urban legend involving pop rocks, death and soda, which got me thinking about a potentially even deadlier combination: pop Rocks and Champagne. Now, I love my inexpensive bubbly wines, but when I'm pairing it with a culinary behemoth like Pop Rocks, I spare no expense. Veuve Clicquot is one of my favorite French sparklers because though it is intensely airy and dry, it still manages to retain some structural integrity. It may be light, but you still know you're drinking wine.

Though I often prefer the opposites attract method of wine pairing, the Pop Rocks mesh well with the Brut because they mirror each other in so many respects. Both are light, yet flavorful. Both give you a fruity dryness that quickly turns into a glittery explosiveness upon impact with your tongue. Besides, it is undeniably fun to inform your friends that you are drinking a $50 bottle of French brut with a $.33 package of retro candy when they call to inquire how you are spending your evening.


This is also a great way to determine which of your friends are worth keeping. Next time you're feeling whimsical and have a bit extra money to throw toward some vino, try out this combination. I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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Geri Maria Harris