Odd Pair: Popcorn and Pinot

There is something so addictive about freshly popped popcorn. And while we most often think about pairing it with a soda, matching it up with a good wine can really elevate a snacking experience. Plus movies are always a little better when you have a slight buzz going.

This particular popcorn was seasoned with a black truffle salt, so a medium-bodied, tart red seemed appropriate. I chose a 2007 Cru Pinot Noir. The wine was surprisingly light on the palate and very drinkable. It was not overly sweet, though a bit more sweetness might actually have held its own with the salty popcorn.

I enjoyed the combination quite a bit, but my companion felt that due to the intensity of the truffle flavors, a more full-bodied wine would have worked a bit better. I could build a case either way. Regardless, it was a thoroughly fun snacking experience and made watching Weekend at Bernie's 2 again just that much more fun.

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