Odd Pair: Snickers Ice Cream Bar and Blanc de Blancs

Why is it that every year we forget just how miserable it gets in August? We must, otherwise, we'd have all moved to Alaska to bunk with Sarah Palin by now. Anyway, it's definitely ice cream weather and what's better than a delicious Snickers candy bar filled with creamy vanilla ice cream? Not being Palin's neighbor. Never mind, I digress.

As I was enjoying my creamy delicious icy treat, I thought it would be a great idea to find a wine to celebrate how delightful it is to eat ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. Along with this bit of brilliance came the realization that celebration equals bubbles, therefore I should find a nice dry bubbly to complement my Snickers.

Enter the Piper Sonoma Blanc de Blancs from Sonoma County, California. It's a nice dry sparkling wine made from ninety-five percent chardonnay and a touch of pinot noir. It's crisp with a nice acidity which enriched the sweetness of my chocolaty treat. I was actually tempted to dunk the ice cream in the champagne flute as the flavors melded so well. But fear not, dear readers, I refrained. You however, can do as you please.

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