Odd Pair: Sparking Pinot and Pringles

Sparkling red wines are becoming more and more prevalent. I first became aware of them during a trip to Australia where I sampled delicious sparkling Shiraz. Stateside, I was lucky enough to find red bubbles on the wine lists of Houston's better restaurants. T'afia actually had a very lovely one a few years back. Now they are available at many liquor stores and most wine bars in some form or another. As I was perusing the Cava at Spec's, I was pleased to discover a Sparkling Pinot Noir on a nearby shelf.

Segura Viudas Pinot Noir Cava is a delightfully light, airy red with tiny little bubbles that delight your tongue without overwhelming your taste buds. I shared it with some friends at a party who helped me discover how well it paired with Cheddar Cheese Pringles. Ever since Marilyn Monroe extolled the virtues of Champagne and potato chips in The Seven Year Itch, I've been a fan of the bubbly/chip combination. There is something so fun about drinking a nice sparkling wine while eating a crappy potato chip - and you don't get much crappier than Pringles. It just works.

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