Ode to an Immersion Blender

In the spirit of brevity, here's a simple list to extol the praises of the best kitchen appliance ever (at least for the price).

1. A decent one costs merely $20. Other things you could buy for $20: two combo plates (3 veggie, one meat) at Aladdin, 20 "I heart dorks" buttons from etsy, or one man's T-shirt with the Rolling Stones logo on the front. All less awesome than an immersion blender with an extra whisk attachment.

2. For parents, it's baby food made cheap(er) and easier. Set aside the food you've prepared for everyone else before seasoning and blend away. No messy blender explosions or food processors needed. Average cost of one container of baby food is at least $.79 pre-tax, while one package of dried beans is as low as $.99 (imagine how many baby food servings this would equal).

3. Soup. Soup. More soup. Gazpacho, butternut squash, potato, tomato, sweet potato bisque, roasted vegetable. The options are Bubba-Gumpish. Pair with crusty bread and a simple salad and lovingly put your hard-working immersion blender in its rightful throne...right next to the colander and metal tongs.

4. Hollandaise. Weak arm muscles? No problem. Hate whisking for endless amounts of time? Worry not. Scared of lumps? Never again. The whisk attachment for the immersion blender will be your best friend when attempting the often-intimidating task of whipping egg yolks, lemon juice and butter into a creamy frenzy to pour across crisp asparagus or soft, poached eggs.

5. It's easy to clean. Cleaning a blender leans toward the annoying, time-consuming side of dish washing. A simple swoosh into soapy water and a quick rinse of attachments ranks much lower on the effort scale, and effort should be spent cooking, not cleaning.

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Amber Ambrose