Off the Wall: Awesomeness at Oishii

Last week's Off the Wall proved to be disastrous. Looking to get back on track, I turned Geri Maria Harris's Top 5 Sushi Restaurants piece, which drew plenty of opinions on places that should have, but didn't, crack the list. This comment from Scarwars caught my attention, "Agree on Kata and Osaka, however, you're missing one of the BEST: Oishii. It may be no frills, but it's damn good."

Sounds like my kind of place. So, away I went. Here's my take-out rundown: 2 pieces of Sake (salmon), 1 piece each of Hamachi (yellow tail) and Maguro (tuna), 1 Black Dragon Roll (eel with California Roll), 1 Golden Dragon Roll (Salmon and Spicy Tuna Roll), 1 Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, and 1 Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll. My bill came to $26.25. My complete order is pictured above.

The sushi was affordable, but would the taste compare to the price? Absolutely. I tried my best to get a variety of fish, and Oishii nailed it with every single piece. The soft and fatty salmon was tops. Without a doubt, my next visit will yield a sizeable increase in Sake intake.

The tuna also stood out, especially the single sushi piece. The taste and texture were just right. Also, it's essential to point out the generous portions of meat on each piece. I find that sushi restaurants can sometimes be a bit stingy with their cuts of fish. This was not the case with Oishii.

Would I put Oishii in my top five? Maybe. It's definitely in the conversation. Thanks for another excellent suggestion. Keep them coming.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.