Off the Wall: CRAVE-ing Coffee

Last week, Katharine Shilcutt ranked the top 10 coffee shops in town. Suggestions and opinions varied in the comments section, but one in particular caught my eye. Coffee Bean Junkie wrote, "I would also add Crave Cupcakes. I go there often just for the pour-over-style, rich-tasting coffee they serve. Haven't had a bad cup there yet."

Let's see if Coffee Bean Junkie was right.

Actually a trip to CRAVE had me excited on two fronts. One, I had never been, and you know I wasn't about to only get a cup of coffee. Two, any excuse to get a cup of java is a good excuse. I drink lots of coffee each day, and am always in search of the next great one.

I went with a regular cup of the Premium Roast (described as a bold Ethiopian Harrar) and a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing. The $2.00 cup of coffee was brewed to order. I appreciated this nice touch. Better yet, Coffee Bean Junkie's assessment proved to be correct. This was some tasty coffee. It was bold, but smooth, and lacked that harsh aftertaste associated with some larger chains. I deemed the coffee a winner.

The fairly dense cupcake -- not so much. The cake part, as well as the icing, just didn't do much for me. It wasn't a bad cupcake, but it certainly didn't make me sigh with contentment. The icing was just too sweet for my liking. Next time, I'll stick with the coffee and might go for a dark chocolate cupcake. We'll see how round two goes.

It is important to note that CRAVE was bustling with a steady flow of customers on my visit. The service was fast, friendly, and very attentive.

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