Off the Wall: Guilty Pleasures

Joanna O'Leary's article from last week inspired several readers to comment on guilty food pleasures. One commenter in particular, csoakley, recommended the McRib and Jack in the Box egg rolls.

Screw the McRib, Jack in the Box has egg rolls? I had no idea, probably since I hadn't eaten there since 1994. I vowed never to go back after an explosive incident with an Ultimate Cheeseburger. But writing about food will make you do some crazy things. So here I was, about to face my food demons.

A trip to the five-car-deep drive-thru told me the general public didn't share my feelings about Jack in the Box. Jack is a wise one, he only offers egg rolls in either a one or a three-count. One? No way, I decided to go "all in"--three egg rolls for $3.69.

I parked the car, opened the box, and there they sat, three of the oiliest tubes of fried dough my eyes have ever seen. The sun glistened off each one, as my first bite beckoned. I must admit, they were tasty, but I fully understood that each bite probably was shaving a day off my life. Three minutes in, and two egg rolls down, I stopped.

I've never eaten something so disgustingly greasy, yet so delicious. Commenter csoakley was right, this was a guilty pleasure, but one my arteries will never endure again.

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