Off the Wall: Now That's a Po-Boy

Last week, Katharine Shilcutt wrote about her experience at Zimm's Little Deck. In it, she mentioned her fondness for Calliope's Po-Boy, and the commenters agreed.

TonyC had this to say: "I can't recommend Calliope's enough. A little bit of Louisiana right here in Houston."

I'm sold.

I was excited to be a Calliope's first-timer. It's one of those places you know will be good before stepping foot in the door. Sure enough, it was better than good, it was damn good. I ordered the small fried oyster po-boy. The picture above doesn't do this creation justice. Sometimes the best foods are the simplest ones.

The 8-inch sandwich was cut in half, with each portion containing three large, perfectly fried oysters. The po-boy was topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise, and held together by some of the freshest, most delicious French bread you can imagine. Each bite was bittersweet (figuratively speaking) -- so delicious, yet one step closer to finality.

Calliope's has inspired me to head over to Goode Company Seafood for one of their po-boy refresher courses. I smell a mean Food Fight brewing.

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