Off the Wall: Spec's Deli Sandwiches

Between the news that Dallas is finally getting a Spec's and Katharine Shilcutt posting that mouth-watering picture of their Pâté de France sandwich last week, I've been itchin' for a visit to the adult playground myself. In the comments of Shilcutt's entry, EOW reader and commenter FattyFatBastard said the Spec's California Dreamin' sandwich would be his choice for one of his top dishes in town. A while back he had also mentioned the Chick Chick sandwich, so I decided to get both.

The California Dreamin' sandwich ($6.99) is a colossal half pound stack of turkey, havarti cheese, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, hot mustard and mayo on wheat. You almost need a fork to eat it, but if you can manage to fit your mouth around a bite, you'll immediately love the fresh, crunchy taste of a deceivingly healthy sandwich (as long as you eat just half, which, trust me, is enough to keep you full for quite some time). With so much great flavor and texture from that sweet, buttery havarti, the creamy and quite generous amount of avocado, and those crunchy, healthful sprouts, this truly is an awesome sandwich.

As for the Chick Chick ($5.99), which is comprised of Spec's chicken salad, three slices of crispy bacon, leaf lettuce and tomato on a fresh croissant, it too is outstanding, packed with huge pieces of freshly shredded chicken in a perfectly creamy but light mayo, along with some red and yellow bell pepper pieces. The croissant itself is soft and buttery, the bacon adds a great crispy crunch, and between the chicken mixture and those fresh veggies, this makes for one of the best chicken salad sandwiches in the city.

Thank you, Fatty, for making me a better person, and one who will undoubtedly be in line at the Spec's deli many more times to come. Anyone else have a favorite sandwich to recommend?

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