Pot Luck

Oh Baby, Baby--King Cake

It's King Cake season from now until Mardis Gras. We got this one at the Whole Foods on Magazine Street in New Orleans. The little baby looked sort of lonely out there naked in the cold. The little figurine of a baby used to be stuck inside the King Cake by the bakery. The person who got the baby was declared king or queen for the day and had to supply the next cake. But thanks to liability issues, the baby now comes on the outside of the cake--you insert it yourself.

At Whole Foods stores in Houston, a cinnamon-filled King Cake is going for $11, a cream-filled King Cake is $13. The most famous King Cake in this part of the world comes from Rao's Bakery of Beaumont. Rao's traditional cake with a cinnamon filling goes for $16, a cake with a fruit and cream cheese filling (my favorite) is $18. And their Zulu black king cake filled with chocolate chips and cream cheese goes for $20. Lucky for Houstonians, Rao's has a branch in Spring at 6915 Cypresswood. (Hey, it's a lot closer than Beaumont.)

-Robb Walsh

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Robb Walsh
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