Oh MY! Pocket Pies in EaDo

Oh MY! Pocket Pies, the mobile fried pocket pie truck, has posted up in the Kim Hung Mall parking lot on St. Emanuel St., very close to Warehouse Live.

The day we visited, the weather was windy and cool, and we were craving a snack. This neighborhood has really picked up in the past few years thanks to neat little dives and music venues taking advantage of the bountiful warehouse spaces for lease. If you are in the neighborhood around 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, you can smell the coffee roasting at the old Maxwell House coffee plant, now called Maximus Coffee.

Back to the pies. We ordered a shepherd's pie that had a nice crispy shell and a curry-like tang to it. We also had a s'mores pie for dessert; we were excited to see that it came as two small pies, so we could share without oozing the marshmallow all over the car.

We don't suggest hanging around too long -- we got heckled by two different weird EaDo "residents" while in line, but it is worth the trip to check Oh MY! out. If you have larger orders the bus will come to you, which is handy for fundraisers and company events.

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