On the Menu: An Oporto Portobello

Say that three times. Actually, at Oporto Food and Wine Bar, it's called an Oportobello. This was one of the many delicious tapas plates my group of friends consumed a few nights back at the hip Greenway Plaza-area establishment. Everything I ate that night was very pleasing, but the Oportobello really stood out.

The oversized marinated-mushroom cap was stuffed with a spinach and artichoke gratin, baked and served over arugula. A drizzle of truffle oil was added on top as "icing on the cake," so to speak.

There's a proper etiquette to follow when eating tapas with friends. Everyone takes their portioned piece, and inevitably you're left with a few remaining bites on the community plate. These bites usually sit for a good 10 minutes -- not the case that night. That's when the tapas bartering system began: "How about I eat the portobello, and you guys can finish the mussels?"

With the wine flowing, a fair trade was worked out. All were happy, and when you're at Oporto, that's a pretty easy task.

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