On the Menu: Quizno's Chipotle Prime Rib Sandwich

I was recently invited to try out one of Quizno' s new prime rib sandwiches, choosing to go with the chipotle mayo. It had been years since my last visit to the sandwich giant, so I did a little Google search for the closest location, and headed there for lunch.

Please note this photo was taken about a fourth of my way through consumption. The real problem wasn't so much the taste, rather the construction. And this was due to the efforts of a new employee in the sandwich-making industry. A typical Chipotle Prime Rib Sandwich comes with sautéed mushrooms and onions, along with Prime Rib, mozzarella, and chipotle mayo.

After a few bites, I noticed my sandwich was lacking a little something. I opened it up--no onions! I went back, voiced my complaint, and it was immediately rectified. This made a huge difference in the overall taste.

The bread, although burnt on the edges, was fresh and chewy. The tender meat was even re-dipped in a vat of juices right before its placement on the bread. The chipotle mayo, advertised as mild, was just that.

I know the picture doesn't look appealing, but for a fast food sandwich, this wasn't all that bad. It was better than Subway, although the price wasn't. Quizno's smallest-size prime rib sandwich, along with a bag of chips, and a drink, ran me $8.10--a little high, especially given the size.

As stated, the real issue with this particular Chipotle Prime Rib Sandwich wasn't with taste, as it was the size (for the price) and overall construction.

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Kevin Shalin
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