On the Menu: Simos Diner's Gyro

Simos Diner (5004 North Shepherd) is one of my favorite spots in all of Houston. The place has a tremendous amount of character, a group of loyal regulars and, of course, solid food. They offer a variety of entrees on the steam table, but my visits tend to center around ordering the gyro with fries off the sit-down menu.

And speaking of the menu, I try my best never to accept one at Simos. It's almost like a sign of disgrace. The best, most dedicated customers know what they want, and really don't have time scanning something they already know by heart.

Within a few minutes, the standard gyro comes out. Is this an earth-shattering gyro? No. Is it even in the top five in Houston? Probably not. But it's consistently good, fresh, and has everything you look for in a traditional gyro--fresh bread, tzatziki sauce, meat, tomatoes, and raw onions. I'll scoop out a few of the onions because too many can be a little overpowering. The rest of my time is spent dipping each bite into ketchup.

It usually takes about ten minutes to down the entire wrap, along with the fries, and then I'm off. Like most regulars at Simos, I'm in and out. And like most regulars, I'll be back soon.

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Kevin Shalin
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