On the Menu: The Big O at Lyndon's

Onion rings--loved by many, hated by few. At festivals, as appetizers, on burgers, battered in beer, with ketchup--you name it, the onion ring has done and seen it all.

I fall into that group that just loves every version. I don't discriminate. I'll happily devour them, as long as it's a solid fry job.

So believe me when I say that at Lyndon's Pit and Bar-B-Q, the onion rings defy all logic. Just check out this picture. The largest ring in the batch was almost bigger than my youngest daughter's face. What you are looking at is a double side order. The half order (around $5) could feed a village, and the full order could take down a small town.

Enormous size aside, a good ring always comes down to taste. There are a few positives and one negative with Lyndon's rings. If you favor more onion than batter, these should be right up your alley. I found the onions to be sweet and tender, with just a little bite--a trademark of any good onion ring. When I take a nibble, I don't want the rest of the ring coming along. The flour batter had a nice thickness and created a perfect crust, and the ring was not greasy at all. The negative--it was under-seasoned. However, I didn't have a big problem with that. I just dumped a bunch of ketchup on my plate, mixed in some salt and pepper, and life was good.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.