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One Night Only! Pork Belly Madness at Catalan!

Monday, Monday, Monday! The battle to beat all battles will be held tonight at Catalan featuring contenders from across the city as they compete to claim the prize of Houston's best pork belly.

The third in a series of popular "throwdown" events organized by Jenny Wang of the Houston Chowhounds, tonight's Pork Belly Throwdown will feature Cody Vasek (sous chef at Voice) and Randy Evans (executive chef at soon-to-be-opened Haven), the winners from the Fried Chicken Throwdown, defending their titles against a crop of new chefs as they try to create the tastiest pork belly dishes possible.

Competitors include Randy Rucker (executive chef at Rainbow Lodge), Jason Gould (formerly of Gravitas), Ryan Pera (executive chef at The Grove), Ronnie Killen (of Killen's Steakhouse), Jonathan Jones (executive chef at Beaver's Ice House) and many more. Additionally, members of the Houston Chowhounds will be competing in an amateur event, Battle Beans (because what goes better with pork than beans?).

If you've already gotten your ticket, good for you -- the event sold out almost as soon as it was announced. Otherwise, stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for coverage and pictures from tonight's throwdown.

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Katharine Shilcutt