One of Those Syrupy Thanksgiving Tales

Paul S. Howell
Start with fresh cane...
My Thanksgiving preparations began with a drive up to The Heritage Syrup Festival in deep East Texas to watch them make cane syrup the old-fashioned way with a mule and an open syrup pan with a fire underneath it. I got some syrup to use on my sweet potatoes and pecan pies. It sure tastes better than Karo.

Farmers in East Texas once grew cane and brought it to the local syrup mills, but the tradition has all but disappeared. The syrup mill at the festival is used only once a year, and it's one of the last places in Texas you can see cane syrup being made.

Paul S. Howell
...add a mule...
Paul S. Howell
...for grinding.

You can get Steen's cane syrup from Louisiana in the grocery store. There's also a couple of good cane syrups on sale at Canino's in the Farmer's Market on Airline. The syrup festival is held every year on the grounds of the Depot Museum in Henderson, which is about an hour north of Nacogdoches on Highway 59. -- Robb Walsh

Paul S. Howell
...and the extract is processed the old fashioned way...
Paul S. Howell
The stalks are ground down...

Paul S. Howell
...to make fresh cane syrup.

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