Openings and Closings

It seems that everyone's gotten into the spirit of reporting restaurant openings and closings this week, from the Houston Chronicle's food critic Alison Cook, who reports on the press release that's been clogging inboxes across the city -- Lynette Hawkin's newest restaurant, Giacomo's Cibo e Vino, which is set to open next week -- to local food blogger impresario Jenny Wang, who reports on Tesar's in The Woodlands, to popular real estate website Swamplot, which reports on, well, pretty much everything else opening in the Houston area in the forseeable future (and which covers a few things we've already reported here).

Which leaves us to cover the dark side of the restaurant world: the closings. In the past few weeks, we've had blessedly few restaurants kick the bucket -- especially when compared to the glut of new restaurants opening across the city. Here are a few of the casualties.

  • Mama Ninfa's (6154 Westheimer)
  • DaniVens Steak & Seafood (4940 Fairmont Parkway) in Pearland
  • Tito's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina (1801 S. Dairy Ashford)
  • Truffles Chocolate (9595 Six Pines Drive) in The Woodlands
  • Tung's Hunan Palace (1212 FM 1960)

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