Restaurant News

Openings and Closings

Word hit this week that Las Alamedas -- the landmark Spanish restaurant that mysteriously shut down earlier this year -- will be reopening again soon, but not in the same location. The owners have leased a space in Katy's La Centerra, the town square-style development near Cinco Ranch. The restaurant's reopening is scheduled for Spring 2010, but the question on everyone's minds is this: Will a restaurant that depended heavily on its iconic building and beautiful location along the bayou work in an entirely new (and decidedly boring) setting? Time will tell...

Meanwhile, Azzarelli's opened its doors this past Friday in a brand-new location, serving more of the old-school Italian food that's made Azzarelli's a popular family destination for years. This new restaurant is -- like Las Alamedas -- in Katy, situated at the corner of I-10 and Barker-Cypress. But not all new places are opening in Katy...

Valentino at the Hotel Derek opened on October 1 after a long wait. The much-anticipated Italian restaurant with fresh crudo bar has been highly touted, but has already suffered from one rather scathing yet cursory review. The location has been slightly cursed over the years, seeing a succession of restaurants march through the hotel lobby one after another. Will Valentino last?

Despite garnering rave reviews (or perhaps because of it), owner Arnaldo Richards has closed down the bakery side of Pico's Bakery & Taqueria. As he explains it to B4-U-Eat, the wholesale demand for the bakery items so far eclipsed that of the retail demand, and he had to close it to the public in order to concentrate on filling all of his orders. Solution? Place a bulk order for your favorite Pico's baked goods.

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Katharine Shilcutt