Restaurant News

Openings and Closings

This week features not only restaurant closings and openings, but reopenings as well. The first of those, as expected, was Cafe Le Jadeite (1952 West Gray), which reopened this past Monday. Despite the fact that the name and decor have remained the same, the owners and the menu have changed. B4-U-Eat reports that in addition to a revamped Chinese-American menu, it also offers a sushi bar in the lounge area.

Also reopened is longtime Italian favorite Luigi's (2328 Strand St.) on Galveston Island. Closed since Hurricane Ike, the little restaurant on the Strand opened its doors once again on Thursday, June 11. Another victim of Hurricane Ike, Three Brothers Bakery (4036 S. Braeswood), has finally reopened, as reported earlier this week by a gleeful Robb Walsh.

Closed for good is the long-suffering Isla Coqui (1801 Durham), one of the few Puerto Rican restaurants in the city. The restaurant never lived up to the glowing review bestowed upon it by the Chronicle's Alison Cook and lost patrons with expensive but bland food and poor service. A tipster notes that the restaurant may not, in fact, be closed but instead expanding to the space next door. For the sake of Puerto Rican cuisine, let's hope not.

Also closed this week was the Sam's Boat (2752 Sunrise Blvd.) in Pearland, leaving a sad army of popped collars and frosted tips with no place to drink Heineken and talk about the latest UFC match. Luckily, with the new Waterlights District going in not too far away, they'll find a new watering hole to migrate to eventually ("eventually" meaning in about five years).

Opening just in time for the worst of the heat are three of the Houston area's first Tasti D-Lite frozen yogurt stores. The Tennessee-based chain -- which is enormously popular in New York City (it's not salsa, so it's okay to like it) -- has over 100 different frozen yogurt flavors, most of them under 100 calories per serving. The three Houston locations are all in town -- at Highland Village, the Galleria and downtown -- and will be offering free tastings and door prizes from June 26 through June 29, with 10 percent of all the proceeds from the weekend benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters. It's gonna be hot as hell outside anyway; frozen yogurt sounds damn good to us.

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Katharine Shilcutt