Openings and Closings

Just in time for summer, a cool-sounding restaurant with an even cooler concept has come along. Oceans, the ceviche-only restaurant that took over the old Bistro Vino location, is officially open to the public. We took a first look at Oceans a few weeks ago and found its patio gorgeous and its fish even tastier. But will such a radical concept survive Houston's finicky palates?

It's not an ocean, but the Lighthouse Buffet has opened on the Kemah boardwalk overlooking Galveston Bay. In the location formerly occupied by the Chart House, the buffet promises more than 65 items on its buffet as well as a dessert bar featuring a self-serve ice cream machine. In other words, the Landry's folks have opened a seafood-themed Golden Corral. It will no doubt fit in perfectly with the other culinary disasters that Tilman Fertitta has wrought upon the once-charming coastal town.

In only slightly less depressing news, the owners of Maggie Rita's in the Galleria area sold the establishment to new owners who quickly changed the name of the restaurant to Aggie Rita's. If only the Longhorn Cafe was still open. Then again, we all know Longhorns don't really consider Aggies their true rivals...

It's a bad time to be a beverage purveyor in Houston right now, as we learned from our friends at B4-U-Eat. In the past week, Oasis Juice Bar in Galveston and Tapioca Express have both closed.

Good news on the horizon, though, as B4-U-Eat also has this juicy rumor posted in its latest newsletter:

One of the oldest Italian restaurants in town has hired a new chef and may take a new name.

Any guesses on the identity of the restaurant? Feel free to have a field day in the comments section.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.