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Openings and Closings

Anyone in the social media community in Houston will be familiar with the first closing of the past week, Sauté (2303 Richmond Avenue). On June 5, the erstwhile "new world Creole" restaurant broke the news via Twitter: "Our dear friends: Today we sadly announce we are closed. Had some great parties last weekend, and a good run of it for 6 months. Thanks." The restaurant, located in a snakebit spot along Richmond, was a popular presence on Twitter and one of several highly visible restaurants to announce their closing on the microblogging service (Sireneuse Euro Bistro in The Woodlands being the most recent). Despite becoming cozy with local food bloggers and the young social media community, as well as running the successful Te House of Tea on Fairview for more than three years, owners Kevin and Connie Lacobie just weren't able to make Sauté work.

Another very young but popular restaurant to close its doors was a bit further outside the Loop: The Angel and Ox Pub Irish Pub & Restaurant (22758 Westheimer Parkway) in Katy. While there was initial speculation that the pub in the new Villagio development had been closed when an eviction notice was placed on the door, owners Brett and Amy Scholz confirmed the sad news on their website today. While a difficult economy could be blamed for the closure, the more likely culprit is the Katy community's staunch refusal to patronize or support restaurants that aren't chains.

Rounding out the closings this week is Sushi Thai (1302 Nance), open for around a year. Despite a change in ownership in August 2008 and the introduction of $1 specials, the funky little sushi shop in the warehouse district just outside of downtown wasn't able to make it.

Openings this week include Edojin Sushi (12344 Barker Cypress #210) - remember that whole circle of life thing from a few weeks ago? - and Sabine River Café (10001 Westheimer #2520). And on B4-U-Eat, the news is that the imminent closing of Café Annie (1728 Post Oak Boulevard) isn't so imminent after all - the restaurant has been given a few more weeks to remain open while owner Robert Del Grande puts the finishing touches on his new place, Restaurant RDG/Bar Annie. So go get your final Café Annie meal while you still can.

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Katharine Shilcutt