Openings and Closings

Although only open for a few short months, Out of Africa (14019 Southwest Freeway, #204) has already closed. An excellent review from Robb Walsh in March, fantastic reviews on B4-U-Eat, an excellent burger and a killer patio weren't enough to save the young restaurant. This leaves Houston with only one South African restaurant, Peli Peli, a shame for those who enjoy the spice and exotic flavors of the cuisine.

Another young restaurant to bite the dust the past week was Beaucoup Wings-n-Wings (3511 Elgin). Like Out of Africa, the little po-boy and wings shop by the University of Houston was popular and well-reviewed. It seemed to struggle, however, with its out-of-the-way location and closed late last week after falling behind on rent; the landlord changed the locks.

Although it's no surprise by now, Cafe Annie (1728 Post Oak Boulevard) served its last meal on June 30. The kitchen is now being dismantled and moved to RDG + Bar Annie, the new restaurant that will take Cafe Annie's place in the panoply of Robert Del Grande restaurants. RDG + Bar Annie is scheduled to open in less than two weeks, on July 15.

Openings this week have been slim, but Houstonians now have three new restaurants to choose from: Louisiana Creole Cafe (3717 Dowling), My Pizzeria (9222 Louetta) and Our House (11919 Crosby Lynchburg Road), which opened on June 23. Our House is located next door to Pooky's Tavern, a local landmark in Crosby, and serves a menu of Cajun and American cuisine with an odd automotive theme (menu items include Pistons, Bearings, Cylinder Rings and The Hog).

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