Restaurant News

Openings and Closings

Ah, the circle of life. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. And other cheesy songs... When one restaurant in Houston closes down, it seems that another, eerily similar restaurant is waiting in the wings to take its place.

55 Degrees Wine Bar (7316 Louetta) closed this week, despite enjoying some popularity in Spring. Rumors abound that the wine bar will reopen and - should that happen - we'll happily feature the reopening here. In the meantime, Seppia Grill Wine Bar (2800 Sage Road) has already stepped in to fill the wine bar vacuum. The new Galleria-area wine bar is run by the same folks responsible for its Tex-Mex neighbor, Maggie Rita's, and was recently advertising for an experienced chef and line cooks.

Catfish Willy's (2435 Texas Parkway) in Missouri City also closed this week. The restaurant offered more than just catfish, with live jazz and zydeco music keeping customers company as they ate. To fill the Cajun seafood void, Shuck Daddy's (1511 Shepherd) finally opened this week. Despite some subpar reviews so far, the new joint needs time to shake off its opening jitters before being fully judged.

Other closings include JJ Ichiban Buffet (5700 Highway 6 North), Kyoto Japanese (25701 I-45 North), La Mansion Mexican (9330 Broadway) and Kuala Lumpur Malaysian (7818 Bellaire Boulevard), proving that no ethnic cuisine is spared the gallows in the tough restaurant world.

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Katharine Shilcutt