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The closure of Dolce Vita in the Woodlands after only a matter of months prompted some serious discussion on the food blog earlier this week. Does Marco Wiles hate the suburbs? That's unlikely, and taking it a bit far. But the idea that not every concept is a fit for every market is a well-established one, and it can be agreed that it was best for Wiles to cut his losses early on. Will anything ever make it in that snakebit location? That's a question for another day.

Meanwhile, the owners of Terlingua Border Cafe seem to be having a harder time cutting their losses and moving on...mostly because they've been locked out for non-payment of rent. As Swamplot reports, people aren't too upset about the potential loss of yet another mediocre Tex-Mex restaurant with weak margaritas. Imagine that.

In happier news, however, Goode Co. Taqueria posted this titillating Twitpic showing that the Westpark stalwart will soon be serving breakfast seven days a week. Pecan waffles? Homemade chorizo? It's like you're trying to date me, Goode Co.

From the B4-U-Eat newsletter this week comes the news that Katy is getting another great little ethnic spot:

Remember the owner of the former Cafe Singapore on Bellaire is planning a new place? The name will be Rich Asian Cuisine, 520 S Mason, Katy. It's set to open in April specializing in authentic Malaysian and Singaporean dishes.

And rounding out the week comes the news that Up quietly opened earlier this month with little to no fanfare. It was behind schedule by a couple of months, but the swanky aerie perched three stories above Highland Village was expected to offer both fabulous views and fabulous food. The quiet opening is somewhat worrisome, but at least the first Yelp review out of the gate was positive.

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