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Openings & Closings in Houston: Welcoming Some Franchises and Some Originals

There's a new Caribbean restaurant and music venue coming to downtown, and, best of all, it's got a tropical-themed Rhum Bar. Don't worry if rum isn't your cuppa, because there will be plentiful draft beer options as well. Calabash Island Eats at 1515 Pease will open on June 13 for dinner, with lunch service starting later this summer; on weekends, the bar is open until 4 a.m., so pencil them in to your post-bar plans.

Big Woodrow's at 3111 Chimney Rock is closed for renovations until August, according to its website. The phone line is disconnected, too, so don't bother calling to see when they'll open again! Hopefully, it will be just in time for football season.

According to Alison Cook at the Houston Chronicle
, Beirut Fine Lebanese Cuisine at 4105 Washington is closed for renovations during June; the website is allowing reservations to be placed in July, so it should be up and running again soon. The restaurant, owned at least in part by one of the former owners of Polovina, only opened six months ago.

What's Up Cupcake, the Heights bakery at 632 West 20th, is shuttering its doors after five years. It began as a cupcake truck in a metallic Airstream trailer, and, after failing to renew the lease, its owner sold the equipment and left a note of thanks to customers on the What's Up Cupcake Facebook page. We'll miss you, cupcake lady!

In better news for cupcake lovers, Swamplot says that Sprinkles' Cupcake ATM is now open at 4014 Westheimer, facing the back parking lot of Sprinkles. It's ready to serve you delicious cupcakes 24/7, and, as an opening promotion, some of the cupcake boxes just might have a special coupon in them for more cupcakes!

There's a new grill in town, according to Yelp, and the few who have reviewed it have adored it. Tapester's Grill at 4520 Beechnut in Meyerland offers traditional grill food, breakfast, brunch and baked goods. The burger pictures look especially delicious.

In the build-your-own style that's giving rise to restaurants like Chipotle and Subway, Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza provides a customized, quick pizza experience for diners in 18 states. Supposedly, all the thin-crust pizzas are cooked in 180 seconds or less! Cara Smith at the Houston Business Journal says that two Houston locations will be opening soon— one at 9600 Westheimer, opening in July, and one at 16100 Kensington in Sugar Land, opening in August.

Grocery store lovers rejoice: there's a new Sprouts Farmers Market set to open on September 2 at 2718 Old Chocolate Bayou Road in Pearland, according to Olivia Pulsinelli at the Houston Business Journal. It's one in a slew of new grocery stores opening up this year, and, if you know a Pearland-ite looking for employment, be sure to let them know that the store is now hiring.

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