Food Fight

Oreos v. Newman-O's

What's better, organic Newman-O's, or non-organic Oreos? They look exactly the same -- you have to get really close to see whether you're eating a Newman-O or an Oreo. And I really can't taste the difference, either. If you like to split your Oreos in half and lick the center out first, it still tastes and feels the same on your tongue if you do it with Newman-Os. Both cookies absorb milk at the same rate (I used organic milk).

There was one slight difference in the cookies, though.

Oreos left a slightly greasier feel on the roof of your mouth, and Newman-Os didn't. You might think this is a positive for Newman-Os, but I actually think it's a drawback. I like the oily film that forms in your mouth when you eat an Oreo. It is like lubrication for the milk you are about to chug to rinse your mouth of cookie debris.

Mouth feel aside, if the cookies taste the same, does it matter if one is organic? While only Oreos have high-fructose corn syrup in them, both cookies contain palm oil, the worst cholesterol you can consume. Do people sleep better knowing they're eating organic cookies that are still bad for them? When they go to the doctor and he tells them their cholesterol is high, do they say, "But doc, it's organic cholesterol"?

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Jason Kerr