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Our Best Read Party Posts in the Houston Press

This week we thought we'd remind you of some of our best-read posts that had anything to do with parties. Whether you go out on the town or plan something at home, these should at the very least spark some ideas to get you started. So here we go:

10 Best Restaurants for Adult Birthdays in Houston

First off, this is a list for adult birthdays, not kid birthdays, because once you pass a certain age, you need more in your life than bad pizza, ball pits and giant mice. You need food, booze, cake, glamour and feeling like a king or a queen, if only for a day.

No matter where you choose to celebrate, here’s some advice: When you call to make the reservation, ask if outside cakes can be brought in and if there’s a cutting fee. Sometimes there is, and the restaurant perspective on that is that it makes up for the extra service, the dishwashing and not being able to sell the restaurant's own desserts. That being said, some diners feel strongly that it’s not really in the spirit of a celebration — so call ahead and don’t get caught with any unpleasant surprises.

Dinner Party Etiquette: Bring Something, Dammit

"The Dinner Party." It's one of Seinfeld's more classic episodes, from a television series in which nearly every show was an instant classic. Maybe because — at our core — many of us agonize as George Costanza did about the etiquette of showing up empty-handed to a dinner party.

ELAINE: These people invited us for dinner. We have to bring something.


ELAINE: Because it's rude, otherwise.

GEORGE: You mean just going there because I'm invited, that's rude?


GEORGE: So you're telling me instead of them being happy to see me, they're going to be upset because I didn't bring anything. Ttst. You see what I'm saying?

JERRY: The fabric of society is very complex, George. 

Top 5 Bachelorette Party Picks

Bachelor parties are usually a bit more straightforward than the bachelorette version. Get some steak or wings, find cheap drinks, then hit a strip club. While women could certainly do the same thing, we tend to have less fun filling ourselves up with fatty foods and then getting lap dances from men dressed as dirty cops. Yes, we all love the Jell-O shots with whipped cream at La Bare, but there are only so many cock socks you can handle seeing in a weekend. For those trying to class it up a bit, here are our top 5 places to visit when bidding farewell to your singleton status.

Drunk Melon Balls: The Labor Day Party Must-Have

Although it'll stay hot here through at least the "fall," Labor Day weekend is traditionally the last big pool party and/or barbecuing weekend of the year. And nothing goes better with swimsuits and/or smoked meats than cool, refreshing, healthy fruit. That's been saturated with booze.

Drunk watermelon is a summer tradition (check out our guide to making the best drunk watermelon and not destroying the thing while you transport it), but what about other fruits? Why should they be left out of the party? Especially when they're so ripe and in season and begging to soak up some cheap vodka like an insecure college freshman on bid night?

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