Our Most Read Houston Fish Stories in the Past Year

We live on the Gulf Coast. So there's pretty much no way to avoid fish and other denizens of the briny deep. Then there's all our streams and lakes. Here's some of our most read stories about the fish in our midst and how to tackle them. 

Crawfish Boil Etiquette: Don't Piss Off the Guy With the Paddle

As crawfish grow ever more popular in Houston, so do crawfish boils. Not a weekend goes by in spring when I don't have a friend or neighbor hosting a boil at his or her house. And thank God, too, because I have no yard in which to host one of my own. If this isn't happening to you yet, be the boil you want to see and start hosting your own.

Idiot Fish: The Night I Ate an Endangered Species

A couple of weeks back, I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Kubo's next to a table of hilariously drunk Japanese people boisterously eating sashimi off a giant wooden boat that acted as a centerpiece/serving tray, while my dining companion and I marveled at our smaller — yet no less impressive — arrangement of sashimi that we'd ordered omakase-style. In other words, whatever chef Kiyoka Ito wanted to send out that night.

Should You Suck Crawfish Heads or Not? BB's Cafe Has the Answer [VIDEO]

Thanks to a mild “winter” (if we can call it that), crawfish season got underway earlier than usual. The harvest started in mid-January. According to native Houstonian Bill Collins, general manager of BB’s Café in The Heights (featured in the video below), in some years crawfish season doesn’t start until the beginning of March. So mudbug lovers get to enjoy the springtime treat six weeks longer than usual.

The 10 Best Crawfish Dishes in Houston

Warm weather means crawfish season is upon us earlier than usual. Which means the time to start loading yourself with mudbugs is NOW. While you can take advantage with awesome Cajun crawfish boils at nearly any bar, you can also do so with some pretty excellent crawfish dishes.

What's the Difference Between "Fish Sauce" and "Nuoc Mam"?

It's 1:15 in the morning, and I am chatting online with chef Kevin Naderi, asking for some clarification about his fish sauce vinaigrette. My brain is fuzzy, I'm trying to finish up an article and we chat about something that, to me, just does not make sense.

"You use a fish sauce (nuoc mam) vinaigrette, right?" I ask.

"No, this is more Birdseye chili, shallot and garlic," he replies.

"I thought you said fish sauce vinaigrette?"

"Yeah, fish sauce but not nuoc mam..."

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