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Our Most Romantic Posts for All You Love Birds

Tres leches at Américas.
Tres leches at Américas. Photo by Erika Kwee

In case you've been living under a rock, Valentine's Day is creeping up this coming Tuesday, February 14. We've rounded up the best-performing sweet, romantic and, in one case, rather vulgar posts for all heartfelt needs.

Chocolate soufflé at Tony's comes drizzled with chocolate sauce. - PHOTO BY ERIKA KWEE
Chocolate soufflé at Tony's comes drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Photo by Erika Kwee
The 10 Best Desserts in Houston

There’s dessert and then there’s dessert — the uniquely Houston, show-stopping kind that might warrant a birthday treat, showing off to an out-of-town visitor or just obsessive contemplation. Many of the following sweets have achieved cult-like status among Houston diners. However, those who don't like the suggested dessert offerings here can rest assured that they will likely find something else on the dessert menu at any of these restaurants to suit their palates.

Aphrodite, from whom the word "aphrodisiac" originates, is pictured on a suggestive shell. - PAINTING BY SANDRO BOTTICELLI
Aphrodite, from whom the word "aphrodisiac" originates, is pictured on a suggestive shell.
Painting by Sandro Botticelli

The Truth About Aphrodisiac Foods, or, Do Oysters Really Make You Horny?

It is said that Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, the notorious 18th-century lover, ate 50 oysters each morning for breakfast to increase his sexual stamina. Earlier, herbalist Nicholas Culpepper wrote that asparagus "stirs up lust in man and woman." And back before we even had a word for aphrodisiac, the Aztecs named avocados ahuacuatl, or "testicle tree." The belief in foods as sexual stimulants is not a modern myth.

It's not entirely based upon science either, though. Though some foods possess chemical properties that could increase testosterone or estrogen levels, thereby increasing sex drive, others are considered sexy purely because of their appearance. The Food and Drug Administration maintains that aphrodisiacs are myths with no basis in science.

Romantic gem Antica Osteria. - PHOTO BY PHAEDRA COOK
Romantic gem Antica Osteria.
Photo by Phaedra Cook

The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants in Houston for 2016

Last year's list of the 20 Most Romantic Restaurants In Houston ended up being such a popular, year-round resource that we decided to brush it up and put a fresh coat of paint on it for 2016. This year’s compilation integrates both new restaurants that have opened in Houston over the past year or two and longstanding classics that readers recommended.

Buy your valentine some macarons, why don't you? - PHOTO BY FXR_ VIA FLICKER
Buy your valentine some macarons, why don't you?
Photo by FXR_ via flicker
The 10 Best Macarons in Houston

We've written about macarons, noted their rising popularity over cupcakes, and have suggested them as holiday treats or gifts for friends and family. But we have never ranked the ten best macarons in Houston.

Our great city has a multitude of shops selling the French cookies and it's no secret why they are appearing everywhere. Macarons are made from almond flour, egg whites and sugar; once they're baked and cooled, a thin spread of ganache, buttercream, fruit jams or preserves is sandwiched between two cookies of the same size. Macarons take much skill and practice to create. But when they're done right, the result is magnificent.

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