Food Fight

Our Second Reader Judge: The Houston Press Cupcake Smackdown

Oh man, this was a close one. Who knew choosing the second reader judge for Sunday's Houston Press Cupcake Smackdown would be so gut-wrenching? Two readers, JG and Sofia, captured our hearts. Both came off as passionately -- okay, insanely -- dedicated to cupcakery.

JG claimed that her mother offered her an "exquisite pair of $1,000 heels" in exchange for her foregoing cupcakes for a month. Not only did she decline, she made another outrageous claim: "If I still had it, I would lose my virginity for a cupcake." Truth or hyperbole? We will never know.

Sofia [last name presently unknown; UPDATE: Sofia Straus], on the other hand, had proof of her dedication. "After Trying Sugarbaby's strawberry cupcake I was inspired to get this tattoo," she wrote to us, linking to the above photographic evidence. "I'd like to see what could be more delicious." Sofia, your tattoo is awesome, and we can't wait to see it in person. Come on down, you are the last judge of our Cupcake Smackdown.

Sofia will join Eating Our Words reader Melanie Tello, along with pros Jody Stevens, Rebecca Masson and Ruben Ortega, in this veritable cupcake-tasting orgy.

Thanks to JG and everyone else who wrote in. We hope to see all of you from 4 to 6 p.m. this Sunday, January 24, at Block 7 Wine Company, for both the contest and the general revelry. Word is Block 7 is baking up a truckload of cupcakes for the party.

And don't forget: Bring two cans of food and get an Eating Our Words T-shirt; or bring ten and sign up for our Café Bites newsletter, and get an Eating Our Words apron. If you haven't seen our new T-shirts and aprons yet, they're awesome - and they're going fast.

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Cathy Matusow
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