Out of This World Desserts From Out of a Gourd at Urban Eats

Although there have always been a plethora of lovely pumpkin dishes to try in Houston, the merry chefs at Urban Eats have unveiled a truly remarkable lineup for squash-infused confections, beginning with the luscious Pumpkin White Chocolate Mouse and Ginger Snap Parfait (46). With alternating crispy and supple layers of pumpkin mousse made with white chocolate whipped cream and gingersnaps, respectively, this tiered dessert is a lovely combination of rich dairy notes and playful autumnal spice. And it's served chilled, making it appropriately refreshing as well as seasonal in our (un)seasonal hot weather.

As a gift for yourself and that kind neighbor who always says yes to watching your cats, pick up a bag of the pumpkin fudge, luscious squares with a consistency akin to butter and a flavor just as decadent thanks to ample chunks of white chocolate and salted pecans. 

And now, this author's personal favorite: the show-stopping pumpkin cheesecake. Urban Eats does not vend the only good pumpkin cheesecake in town, but its version stole my heart with its amazingly intense pumpkin flavor, dense interior and terrific gingersnap crust. BTW, those gingersnaps, which stand out for their terrific, chewy interior and crackly exterior, are also sold at the market.

Seeking something sweet and pumpkin-y that you can enjoy with your morning coffee? (That is to say, something you can eat that passes as breakfast but tastes like dessert?).  Urban Eats also has you covered by offering pumpkin praline biscotti and the world's cutest mini-loafs of pumpkin spice bread.  Insider tip: Heat each mini-loaf for under a minute in the microwave to heighten the spice and soften the texture.

All the above will be available until the end of the year, so there's plenty of time, pumpkin-philes, to pick your favorite.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.