Oysters on Oysters at BRC Gastropub

Lately, I don't pass up an opportunity to have oysters. I love them plain, with their salty brininess, and dressed up, all covered in cheeses, cream, and breadcrumbs. As with soft-shell crabs, I dream of a restaurant that offers buckets of fried oysters accompanied by cups o' dipping sauce like chipotle ketchup and garlic aoili. A Kentucky Fried Oysters of sorts, maybe with sides like gruyere macaroni and cheese, sesame seed coleslaw, and rosemary butter biscuits.

I recently discovered BRC's innovative take on the mollusks -- that is to say, their Crazy Oyster Roast Half Shell. Three roasted oysters come on the half-shell mixed with spinach and artichokes and topped with three additional fried oysters.

And the three shells sit on a bed of salt, which you can't help but stick your fingers into even though you've had two or three glasses of wine and dehydration, not sodium deprivation, is the more pressing issue.

Essentially six oysters and about a half-cup of spinach-artichoke dip. What's not to love? Well, the price ($10) is a bit steep, especially when it's been established that raw oysters can be had in Houston for less than a dollar at Danton's and other establishments.

But the novelty of oysters on oysters may be worth the extra moolah, especially when you can experience the contrast of crispy cornmeal crust encasing a warm, throbbing oyster interior with the creamier, fibrous texture of the roasted oyster mixed with vegetables and parmesan.

Even better might be oysters on oysters on oysters. That is to say, raw oysters on the half-shell topped with oysters Rockefeller topped with tempura oysters. And each triple mollusk affixed with a generous dollop of flavored mayonnaise. Oh, I can dream.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.