Pan Cake Pork at Fu Fu

Fu Fu Café (9889 Bellaire Blvd) has an odd name, yes, but the food is stellar. We stand behind most anything on its menu, especially the hot pot cuisine. This time, however, we ordered a dish Fu Fu staff recommended: Pan Cake Pork. Yes, it sounds like a pork pancake, but it's more like an Asian burger or gordita. It seems crazy, and it is. Savory and hearty pork and crispy, fluffy English muffin style bread, accentuated with cilantro and chives, it makes the ultimate appetizer. There are two to an order, and we did not want to share. For a quick lunch, these pan cakes are a great idea, and they shine as the intended appetizer for the hot pots.

Fu Fu is affordable and stays open for late-night dining on the weekends. Weird wine and Asian beer are available, but we aren't particularly sure if we trust Fu Fu's sommelier. Best to stick with the basics and explore the cuisine. Rumor has it the owner has traveled back to the motherland to see what's going on in Chinese fast food trends. In the future, look for them on the menu.

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