Bar Beat

Party In The US, Eh?

Last night found Eating Our Words in a bar with a pint of Fireman's #4. That part isn't unusual. What was unusual was the fact that we had a microphone in our hand, loudly asking a bar full of people "What sexually-transmitted disease causes yellow or green-yellow discharge from a man's penis?" Yeah, we thought the "man" part of the question was redundant too.

As promised, we were the guest triviamaster at last night's Geeks Who Drink pub trivia game, held three nights a week in Houston. Thursday nights find Will Salerno leading the trivia challenge from a real penalty box at the hockey-themed, vaguely Canadian pub (although the table of mincy Quebecois men loudly arguing in French at the back definitely added an air of authenticity).

There was barely room to walk inside the crowded bar and it was standing room only by 8 p.m. Even as guest triviamaster, we stood the entire time -- you'd think that position would come with a throne, or at least a director's chair complete with beret and megaphone or something. But we did have a microphone.

And after gamely reciting a series of STD-themed questions in the second round -- of which there are eight, in total -- we found our groove. Ignore the drunk hecklers and have fun. The questions were just difficult enough and even though we had the answer sheet for most of them, we began to envision a scenario in which we'd return next week to the Maple Leaf Pub triumphantly to dominate that week's pub quiz.

But last night, the sweet thrill of victory belonged to Party In The US, Eh?, a team comprised -- smartly enough -- of actual, honest-to-God Eating Our Words readers. It made giving them all Eating Our Words aprons and some restaurant swag that much better.

Will we return again? Most likely. We want to show Will Salerno and those other geeks what real geeks are made of. (Partly Cheetos, partly beer, mostly trivia domination.)

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Katharine Shilcutt