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Peak Season: Five Standout Corn Dishes in Houston

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Do you know what time it is, friends? It's corn time! What exactly is corn time? We're not quite sure because made it up! But we do know that starting this month and into the late summer, good old fashioned corn is in peak season. That means our favorite corn dishes just got that much sweeter.

With that in mind, here are Five Must-Try Corn Dishes:

What: Sweet Corn Hush Puppies Where to get them: Punk's Simple Southern Food

Punk's is already a hit...and with one step inside the place, we could see why. Things got even better once we tasted the food. The sweet corn hushpuppies, served with a creamy bread and butter pickle tartar sauce, are outlandish. Deep-fried to just the right crisp, the whole-kernel fritters manage to be light and airy and rich and succulent all at once. We suggest coming with friends so you can get a taste of the entire inspired menu.

What: Elote or Mexican Street Corn Where to get it: Pistolero's; Torchy's Tacos; and pretty much any authentic taco truck

The Pistol-elote from Pistolero's comes beautifully charred and on the cob. The beauty is then blanketed in bits of crisp bacon, cojita, and a chile aoili and served atop a honey-lime-coated shaved beet salad.

Torchy's street corn is served in a different classic style. The roasted kernels come to you in a convenient-for-your-chin cup topped with ancho aioli, cotija cheese, cilantro and a dusting of New Mexico red chile powder. A wedge of lime finishes the masterpiece off.

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What: Humita Empanada Where to get it: Manena's Pastry Shop and Deli

The empanadas at this hidden gem are baked and not fried, meaning each buttery bite is crisp instead of dripping with grease. The dough soaks up the juices of the fillings -- in this case, a sweet, almost corn-casserole-like affair -- to keep the pastries from being too dry.

What: Sweet Corn Chowder Where to get it: Brooklyn Athletic Club

The corn chowder at B.A.C. is a meal in itself. Luscious and creamy and served in a large-and-in-charge bowl, the delicate corn soup is rounded out with chunks of bacon, leeks, and a crisp and refreshing apple and celery slaw. It's light and decadent and oh my gawd do we want it right now.

What: Corn Nachos Where to get them: Fusion Taco

Thick corn chips get flash fried and smothered in Fusion's infamous queso, and either chicken, beef, or barbecue pork. But the real star of the show is the bright, sweet and spicy roasted corn salsa, scattered with specks of fresh corn, red peppers, onions, and pickled jalapeño. Topped with sour cream and guacamole, you'll never want to eat nachos another way ever again.

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