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Perky Jerky: A Caffeinated Snack

I got a couple packages of Perky Jerky in the mail from somebody trying to promote the stuff. It tastes like your average ordinary beef jerky, but it sure makes your coffee more potent -- that's because the stuff contains caffeine. Sounds like road trip food to me.

The enormous success of Red Bull and other energy drinks has inspired culinary innovators to come up with caffeinated snack foods. As the makers of Perky Jerky point out, energy drinks are loaded with sugar and not particularly good for you from a nutrition point of view. So why not get your buzz from a health food product?

A package of Perky Jerky contains the same caffeine as two cans of energy drink -- it also contains 22 grams of protein and no added sugar. Guarana is the source of the jolt. Inventor Brian Levin of Denver hopes the product will soon be available at convenience stores everywhere.

Will Buckee's soon be stocking Perky Jerky, or concoct a caffeinated snack food line of its own? Time will tell. Meanwhile you can get your jerky jolt from www.perkyjerky.com.

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Robb Walsh
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