Pete's Fine Meats Cheeseburger All the Way

The real reason I went to Pete's Fine Meats was to take a look at the whole cabritos. But while I waited for the counterman to look around in the freezer to see what he had, I figured I might as well have lunch. In the fine tradition of the Mexican carniceria, Pete's has a lunch counter and a grill, with tables and chairs set up in front of the meat counter. There are lots of deli meats to choose from as well as some barbecue in a glass display case warmer.

You'd think a burger served at a meat emporium like Pete's Fine Meats on Richmond would feature a gargantuan half-pound meat patty, but in fact the cheeseburger there comes with a petite little six-ounce disk. The sesame seed-covered bun is nicely toasted, and the lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and mustard are all properly applied. Pete's uses 80-20 chuck, ground on the premises and never frozen, so the dainty burger still tastes pretty good.

By the way, I went home with a nine-pound cabrito.

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